Ananda Development Public Company Limited has continuously been aware of the significance of Good Corporate Governance a critical factor in promoting efficiency and sustainable growth, ultimately translating into greater value for its stakeholders, including its employees, partners and other stakeholders.

The board of directors has put in place a corporate governance policy which covers all material principles, including structure, roles, duties and responsibilities of directors, and principles of management in order to gain transparency and verifiability in business operation. This policy acts as a guideline for the management of the Company to gain confidence that that Company operates its business with fairness and takes into account the ultimate benefits of shareholders and stakeholders.

The Board of Directors and the management of the Company adhere to the principles of conducting business with determination and honesty, vision, policies, and guidelines that directors, executives, and employees adhere to in performing their duties in accordance with their responsibilities in order to continuously promote a culture of corporate governance, to be a foundation for sustainable growth, to create value for all stakeholders, to achieve the objectives of the Board of Directors creating a transparent organizational structure with accountable operations. This covers the principles of good corporate governance under the regulations of the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

The Principles of Good Corporate Governance

The Board has prioritized the compliance with the principles of good corporate governance by highlighting the roles, duties and responsibilities of the Board and the management in order to promote good corporate governance practices, increase the competitive potential of the business and create creditability for shareholders, investors and all stakeholders by managing the Company’s business operations efficiently and transparently. The Company has therefore set up a good corporate governance policy which includes 5 major principles of good corporate governance as follows:

Section 1 Rights of Shareholders
Section 2 Equitable Treatment of Shareholders
Section 3 Roles of Stakeholders
Section 4 Disclosure of Information and Transparency
Section 5 Responsibility of the Board of Directors
Corporate Governance Policy (Thai Version)