In 2022, the epidemic situation began to resolve, thus affecting economic and consumer confidence, causing the real estate market return to growth gradually this year, as condominiums grew more than 200% compared to the previous year and low-rise increased 14%.

Factors that will benefit the real estate business in the coming years will be the development of the rail system, which is expected to increase from 100 stations to 500 stations in 2029, including the plan to improve the city plan to be distributed throughout Bangkok, which will be announced in the next 2 years as planned, it will be an important factor for the growth of the real estate business in the future.

The operating strategy aims to develop condominium projects in the mass transit area to be “The answer of urban life” The residents in Bangkok that constantly linked to the mass transit system. Today, "Ananda" is the owner of a potential location that has developed projects serve the needs and lifestyles of consumers, with unique concepts and architectural designs. As a result, this year the Company has sales of more than 10,200 million Baht, while transfers are more than 9,300 million Baht, 23% higher than last year, and there is still a backlog in the following years of over 10,000 million Baht.

Ananda continues to adapt to all situations by preparing a plan to accommodate the demand that will recover in the second half of the year and next year by moving forward with the launch of 6 new projects as planned, worth more than 21,000billion Baht. I believe that that all these projects able to present the differences to serve the lifestyles of urban consumers precisely and clearly.

However, in the 2023, we are fully preparing to move forward with its business plan to create products that serve customer needs and generate sales targets by launching and developing new projects to cover all target groups and all locations in Bangkok. We believe that customer confidence continues to improve and the demand for housing in the urban is about to revive as well. I, as the Chief Executive Officer, would like to thank the shareholders for your trust and confidence in Ananda's operations all along as well as the financial institution as underwriter enabling this offering of debentures worth 3,500 million Baht a success, reflecting the confidence of our investors that are ready to grow with us with a strong financial position as well as having the appropriate capital components for continued business expansion.

In this regard, on behalf of the Company, I would like to thank all customers, shareholders and debentures as well as alliance, business partners, financial institutions, and all related persons who have always believed in and supported Ananda all along. I would like to thank our employees and executives for your utmost dedication with support, knowledge, ability, dedication, professionalism and creativity. Ananda is therefore a Company that persists in driving solutions to urban lifestyles as it is today.

Chanond Ruangkritya
Chief Executive Officer
Ananda Development Public Company Limited