From the COVID-19 situation affecting the economic situation and the overall real estate market in 2020, Ananda is another organization that has to adjust its business strategy to be able to overcome this crisis just like any other business. With planning and preparation to cope with the risk and various uncertainties that may occur with support, flexible adjustments according to the situation so that the business can continue to operate where vaccine is the hope of all mankind that can help improve trends and confidence. We believe that when the situation begins to resolve everything will return to normal, people still have to live in the city and the city still has to go on.

From the situation that arises causing the adaptation of the urban people both in terms of behaviour and lifestyle so that we can get through the situation of the epidemic and be able to live together again. However, the city did not stop its development. From the urban development plan and large mass transit systems Is constantly evolving further development of the extension of the BTS and MRT station, focusing on new potential locations. There will be a total of 320 stations by 2030 (with 128 stations in use) with government investment of over Baht 300 billion that will connect every corner of Bangkok to reach each other. To help expand and develop the life of people and the city to be flexible in all areas of prosperity without limits. It was clear that the government was concerned, trust and continue to invest in creating social and economic potential for the city continuously.

“Thailand” is the main destination for tourists due to the strength of tourism top class hotel and great service. In addition, Thailand is outstanding in food and culture. Especially in the past few years, the purchasing power of Chinese has increasingly played a role in the Thai real estate market. According to data from the large Chinese real estate trading website Juwai, since 2018, Chinese clients have been inquiring the most Thai real estate in the world). The number of joint venture projects between Thai and Chinese entrepreneurs has continued to increase. However, according to the Covid-19 situation, it has slowed down, so as the world population has access to more vaccines with a reputation for tourism, and public health system. Exposure to foreign investment from the public sector is confident to Thailand is the top choice.

Ananda continues to strive for providing opportunities to share knowledge and experiences to help stimulate economic recovery and to inspire leading entrepreneurs in Thailand. By organizing world-class conferences “SingularityU Virtual Summit Thailand 2020” in online format. SingularityU Thailand has partnered with SCB 10X Company Limited (SCB 10X), a company in the Siam Commercial Bank Group, Digital Economy Promotion Agency (Depa) and Singularity University from Silicon Valley join to organize the event under the theme “The future of work through exponential technologies and pandemic management” or an event in the future that will occur with modern technology without limits to help overcome the economic crisis in Thailand after the COVID-19 situation.

Ananda has also worked with Chulalongkorn University and the University of Cambridge United Kingdom providing a white paper “Thailand: Raising start-ups to Scale Up 2030 Accelerating Innovative Economy” that brings together the experience of leading global technology businesses. In finding ways to build an innovative ecosystem to drive start-ups in Thailand to compete and scale-up globally with ready to encourage Thailand to escape from the middle-income trap and lead to the economic sustainability of the country in the future.

As the Chief Executive Officer, I would like to remain driving our innovation as well as financial discipline and our future business opportunities. We are still one of the leading condominiums developers within 300 metres from mass transit stations.

I would like to thank all of those involved, without whom this would not have been possible, including our customers, staff, suppliers and financial institutions. It’s their support, skills, dedication, professionalism and creativity that make us the company driving Urban Living Solutions.

Chanond Ruangkritya
Chief Executive Officer
Ananda Development Public Company Limited