In the past 2021, the epidemic situation of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has continued to have a severe impact both globally and nationally. The business operations in every industry faced an enormous challenge due to rapidly changing consumers’ behaviours until now and the epidemic situation began to improve and have a better direction. In addition, the government announced the opening of the country to foreign tourists at the end of 2021, which had a positive effect on the confidence of the economy and consumers. It is expected that the real estate market in 2022 will be a recovery year. This can be seen from the positive signs at the end of 2021 due to the relaxation of epidemic control measures, better vaccine distribution and opening more foreign tourists to the country.

Ananda has always believed that in the new world that is more new comings and various changes will be happened. Ananda is an organization that is prepared for changes and is flexible according to circumstances so that the business will continue to run and always moving forward. Ananda passed this year situation satisfactory with the transfers as high as Baht 10,014 million and able to generate sales growth of more than Baht 12,700 million. In addition, sales of up to 4 projects can be closed in 2021, with a backlog of more than Baht 6.4 million. In 2022 from 4 Unpack new condominium projects, to meet the increasing demand of customers from the relaxation of LTV measures, therefore, in 2022, Ananda is preparing to launch a new business.

Ananda has implemented the ANANDA NEW BLUE strategic plan to use for products development and create added value for various projects in 2022, which Ananda is confident that it will be able to present the difference and meet the lifestyle of urban living consumers. Another thing that Ananda has always given an importance to drive innovation continuously that will be able to comprehensively answers and solve the problems of home care management in real estate projects. As a result, Ananda is the leader of urban living development and continually occupy a leading market position of the condominium amenities.

I as the Chief Executive Officer would like to thank the shareholders for their trust and confidence in Ananda. This makes us successful in selling new shares to the existing shareholders. The proceeds from the capital increase will strengthen the Company’s financial position and the Company will have a capital structure or financial ratios that is suitable for business expansion to be in line with our business strategy. In January 2022, Ananda has successfully issued and offered debentures of Baht 5,000 million due to the leading financial institutions has continually supported, resulting to the strengthen the Ananda’s financial position. Consequently, there are several options for sourcing a variety of funding that can be used according to the appropriate situations, it will be shown the confidence of our shareholders and leading financial institutions that are ready to grow with us.

On behalf of the Company, I would like to thank all the employees and our executives for their hard works and work together to pass the crisis of COVID-19 including our business partners, financial institutions and all stakeholders. The Company would not be able to achieve the success if we do not receive the cooperation from everyone. We are appreciated for dedicated your knowledge, capability, dedication, professionalism and your creativity. Ananda is therefore a Company that continues to move forward and drive in response to the urban lifestyle.

Chanond Ruangkritya
Chief Executive Officer
Ananda Development Public Company Limited