1. How are operational and management strategies laid down? And how to create a sustainable organization?
Answer: The main strategy of Ananda is to focus on the expertise of condominiums near mass transit network. However, there is a more intense market study and a plan to proactively attack as well as expanding into businesses that generate regular income for long-term sustainable growth
Answer: It's about 50%. Free float is about 50%.
Answer: Perp is treated as "Equity". Perp is better than capital increase as there is no share dilution. D/E and Net IBDE Ratio will be decreased. ROE is diluted in the short term (higher equity base). New capital will support ANAN's strategy and earnings growth sustainability over the long term. We would like to keep our net IBDE ratio at 1:1.
Answer: We got capital and technology transfer (TQPMS) from Mitsui. We used TQPMS for the first project, Ideo Q Chula-Samyan since 2013
Answer: Ananda is still studying. This includes the mixed-use project but has expanded into a business that generates regular income, namely service apartment, currently there are 5 projects.
Answer: Please kindly contact IR person on Telephone: +662 056 2222 or ir@ananda.co.th
Answer: In the Q1, 2021 financial statements, the loss per share was Baht (0.03) share because according to the accounting standards, the Company had to record a basic earnings (loss) per share calculated by dividing profit (loss) for the period attributable to equity holders of the Company (excluding other comprehensive income) less cumulative coupon payment (As the Company had submitted to the SET news under the news of the Company's operating results for the first quarter (F45)).

With the calculation of profit (loss) per share as follows:

The Company had a profit in equity attributable to the Company's shareholders amounting to Baht 5,537,000
Less: Accumulated interest expense for subordinated capital debentures Baht (101,589,000)
Therefore, the Company had a profit (loss) equal to Baht (96,052,000)
Divided by the number of shares 3,333,000,000 shares
Profit (loss) (Baht per Share) (0.03) baht/share

Note: Please see more details in Note 24 of the Company's financial statements in the Q1, 2021