Ananda Development Public Company Limited is engaged in real estate development business

Ananda Development Public Co., Ltd. is engaged in real estate development business, including condominium projects, housing projects and townhouses in Bangkok and its vicinity. The Company and its subsidiaries have developed condominium projects under “Ashton”, “CoCo Parc”, “Ideo Q”, “Culture”, “Ideo Mobi”, “Ideo”, “Elio”, and “Unio” brands by focusing on the connections to mass transit stations in order to create convenient and comfortable living of residents. In terms of housing projects and townhouses, the Company and its subsidiaries have developed projects under “Artale”, “Airi”, “Anda”, “Atoll”, “Urbanio”, and “Unio Town” brands with the unique concept and architectural design that respond to the needs of each customer segment.

The Company focuses on a business model with rapid turnover of assets.

In addition, the Company has continuously developed innovative product design and construction in order to enhance product quality as well as reduce costs in appropriate level. This help to maximize efficiency, create added value, and respond to customers’ needs that has changed rapidly. Furthermore, the Company also focused on selling process and after sales service developments to enhance customers’ satisfactions

In year 2023, the Company has continued to take care our customers to improve after-sales services’ efficiency and create maximum customers satisfaction. The customers’ satisfaction assessment results in 2023 received at the level of 96.30 percent, the same level as in 2022 and exceeding the target set at 90%.

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The Company operates the business with a major business partner, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., which is a leading real estate development company in Japan, to help strengthen the Company’s business on a continuous basis since 2013, that is, the leading innovation has been implemented in design and construction of the Company’s projects which resulted in higher efficiency, cost reduction, as well as outstanding unique design.

In addition to build a clear brand identity and a strong customer base in the country, the Company also has customer base in foreign countries, especially in countries with high purchasing power, such as China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc. Moreover, the Company also has apartment projects in collaboration with its strategic partner, Mitsui Fudosan, and a leading global partner, The Ascott Limited, located in prime location in order to generate recurring income for the Company. The Company also aims to continuously expand serviced apartments business which generate recurring income as its long-term targets.

The Board of Directors has participated to set vision and mission of the Company as well as regularly reviewed its operational policy and strategy to be in alignment with its business undertakings amid changing environment and challenging factors both domestic and international. The Company has cascaded the development targets down to management and all employees and ensured that everyone in the Company understood and had the same directions. Also, the Company has implemented and integrated the action plans in order to generate maximum benefits to all stakeholders

The Company emphasizes on financial discipline constantly with the intention of building the Company’s sustainable strength. In this regard, the Company has a policy to maintain a debt-to-equity ratio at a controllable level, together with a healthy cash reserve, which is sufficient to support potential risks that may arise in the future

Ananda Development Public Co., Ltd. is still committed to maintaining its leadership in the construction of condominiums close to mass transit stations, developing housing projects and townhouses on a continuous basis, as well as increasing channels to generate recurring income in accordance with the policy framework of financial discipline in order to build the Company’s business strength sustainably.

" In addition, the Company also focuses on human resources development on a non-stop basis which is the main driving force of the Company and emphasizes on social and environmentally friendly business operation. "